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Friday, October 2, 2009

Early Quarterback Rankings

1. Sam Bradford, Oklahoma
Despite the shoulder injury, this is a no-brainer. Bradford was simply unstoppable in 2008, having arguably the greatest statistical season for a quarterback in college football history. Stats don't mean everything, but Bradford is the real deal. He has prototypical size and a great arm but more importantly, he has the accuracy. Size and arm strength is all you need to be a 1st-round pick (see: Russell, JaMarcus) but when you combine that will elite accuracy you get a future star. There's still plenty of time for things to change, but Bradford could be the most highly touted quarterback prospect since the two can't-miss prospects of '98 (Manning and Leaf).
NFL Comparison: Tom Brady

2. Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame
No player has increased his stock more this season than Clausen. He's easily having the best season of any quarterback in the country and has made major strides since his sophomore campaign. Last year Clausen showed he had an arm, but he looked like a guy who was just chucking it down field and letting his receivers make plays. This year he's more disciplined. He's competing 65 percent of his passes (up from 60 pct in '08) and has thrown just one interception (17 in '08). If both he and Bradford leave school early there will definitely be a split opinion as to who should be the first quarterback off the board.
NFL Comparison: Phillip Rivers

3. Colt McCoy, Texas
There is a huge dropoff from Clausen and Bradford to McCoy. He's a solid prospect, but I do not view him as a 1st-round lock. He doesn't have great size, he doesn't have a great arm and he doesn't have the football smarts to make up for it. Despite being a 4th-year starter, McCoy has really struggled to be patient at times this year. He's made far too many bad mistakes and he simply hasn't shown the improved that you'd expect from a 4th-year starter with as much experience as McCoy. So far, his stock is falling but there are certainly enough big games left on the schedule for McCoy to make up for some early season mistakes and close his career on a high note.
NFL Comparison: Trent Edwards

4. Jevan Snead, Ole Miss
Entering this year some expected Snead to challenge Bradford for the top spot but he's done the exact opposite. Snead looked great last year behind a dominant offensive line anchored by Michael Oher. This year, behind a shaky line, he's struggled to regain that form. He's looked like a deer in headlights at times and has suffered from happy feet in the pocket. Its early though, and I'm going to give him time to get comfortable behind his new line before dropping him too far in the rankings.
NFL Comparison: Jake Delhomme (not the 2009 version)

5. Tony Pike, Cincinnati
Pike, a virtual unknown entering the 2008 season, has become a popular late-1st-round pick projection. He has the prototypical size to play in the NFL, and decent athleticism to go with it. I'd actually like to see Pike use his athleticism less and stay in the pocket more. He can make plays out of the pocket at the college level, but that won't be the case in the NFL. He needs to work on his patience and his ability to stand in there as the pocket collapses around him.
NFL Comparison: Derek Anderson

Best of the rest:
6. Tim Tebow, Florida - a work in progress, but has the size and athleticism to develop into a starter
7. Tim Hiller, W. Michigan - Great size, but prone to making bad decisions
8. Dan LeFevour, C. Michigan - A great athlete, but too careless with the football
9. Jarrett Brown, West Virginia - Having a breakout senior year
10. Zac Robinson, Oklahoma State - Has some skill, but doesn't play in an pro-style offense

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  • At October 25, 2009 at 8:35 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Good stuff, In my opinion I don't think Snead is much of anything I think hes still riding the high rating out of high school, I find my self liking Zac Robinson more and more these days but I deffinetly can't see him being anything more then a manageable starter with flashs here and there, I think the best goy out of this group you got here will be Jimmy Claussen and I'm not a big Jimmy fan but he has heart and I think that always helps and for Bradford being like Tom Brady I think thats funny because Brady had no respect out of college yet hes arguably the best QB possibly ever, he does remind me of him though. Great Post!


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